Established in 1984 in Anchorage, Alaska by owner/operator Karl Augestad, Action Video Productions has grown to serve thousands of clients worldwide.

Our staff of skilled technicians help our customers in all areas of video production and multimedia. We're here to help you in the various areas of audio/visual services we provide.

We rent all levels of audio/visual equipment. Our services include professional video productions for consumer, corporate, promotional and special events. Our post production editing services include several editing suites, where we can create a videotape for you using any one of our digital systems.

Check out our new audio services — we can enhance your audio or video tapes, or transfer your cassette tapes to Compact Disc (CD’s) with our CD recording service. We also have professional talent available to narrate your corporate or home video.

At Action Video Productions we’ve got what you’re looking for! We welcome you to browse our site and hope you will visit us again soon.



The Office Environment

Many of our clients have been curious about our office environment since we are a small business located in the downtown business district of Anchorage. So we thought we’d give you a look at the atmosphere in which we work and some of the fun reasons you might want to visit us here. It is a fifteen-minute walk from our office to most downtown attractions.

Our office is an intimate space with few walls or other separations between work stations, so our creative energies flow freely from one person to another. Karl keeps us very up-to-date with all of our equipment. In fact, most of it has recently been replaced or upgraded. We use a high quality laser printer that makes our reports look great. We are a PC/Mac office and have no problem reading or writing either file format (that’s the beauty of networking!).

We're also about two minutes from Diane's Restaurant, which serves some of the best goodies in the city. And literally across the street from us is the Fifth Avenue Mall, which has a plethora of foods available — including gooey flavored Alaska Wild Berry Products.