Of utmost importance is the quality of the editing. Our post production editing services include several editing suites. Our editors can create a tape for you using any one of our digital systems, or if you prefer, you can use our “Edit Yourself Suite” to your hearts content.



qualitative research 

Nonlinear Macintosh computer with Final Cut Pro. Advanced 2D and 3D f/x's, filters, transitions, graphic titles, sound bites and graphics. Add up to 99 layers of audio and video clips for maximum creativity. Includes effects and paint programs. Mastered to digital DVCAM with all professional and consumer formats available for capturing.

qualitative research 
Edit Suites

Linear edit system to Beta SP with DV, Hi-8 and SVHS source decks. Sony A/B roll controller/digital mixer, character generator and CD player. Perform assemble, insert and straight cut editing, a/x roll, digital f/x, dissolves, wipes, character generator and audio mixing.

qualitative research 
Edit Yourself Suite

JVC edit SVHS with controller Panasonic digital mixer, character generator, CD and cassette player. Editing by assemble, insert and cut, a/x, f/x minimum wipes, character generator titles and audio mixing.