Rental of all levels of audio/visual equipment is available. Check out our equipment list, including video gear featuring over ten models of consumer to professional camcorders, VCR’s, TV/VCR combos, edit decks, video projectors and TV/monitors. Please contact us for a comprehensive listing brochure.



qualitative research 

Full size VHS/SVHS, Digital, Video 8 and Hi-8 camcorders. Features on all camcorders include: Power Zoom, CCD (Charged Coupled Device), Auto Focus, VCR Playback, Date and Time Stamp, Electronic Viewfinder, Macro Focusing, Built-in Microphone, Flying Erase Head and SP Recording Speed.

qualitative research Projectors/Screens

Data and Video Projectors, Slide, Overhead and Movie Projectors, Projection Screens from 60"x60" to 10'x14'.

qualitative research TV's/VCR's

VHS, SVHS, HI-8, 3/4" U-Matic, Digital Mini-DV, Digital DVCAM, Color LCD Portable (AC/DC), Professional Field Monitors (AC/DC), TV/Monitors (Mono/Stereo), 14" to 21" Computer Monitors, Television/VHS VCR Combos.